The complete beginning, from the most basic essence, I have not left my place.  I can begin only when I have arrived at the primary ingredients of my being.  Life in the 18 minutes does not rise beyond its most simple beginnings. If I am able to reduce my movement , to knead out all of the extraneous matter holding me back, deluding me into being something that I am not, then we can leave Egypt.  Who I am and what i really want is enough to bring the ultimate pidyon from the highest renewal of  (Ratzon Elyon) supernal will) In the essence of my most basic desire to be good and bring good, to fulfill my destiny fully and help unfold creation toward redemption, therein lies the key to ultimate rejew-ve-nation.  The kindness I give to myself and to others, in letting them exist, giving them room to mistake and misstep, this is my korban sacrifice. Kind and gracious abba help me to give thanks for who i am and where I am going and to see the good in others, giving kindness as space.